Art of Clean put the Diamabrush Grit brush to the test

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Brandon from Art of clean was presented with the challenge of stripping an existing sealer from an aged sandstone floor. Here at Ultimate Floor Care we recommended using the black Diamabrush Grit scrub brush at 80 grit and the results are Dark to light. 

Art of Clean is a floor restoration Company based on the outskirts of Cambridge that prides itself on customer service experience and results. They offer carpet and upholstery cleaning, stone and wood floor restoration, and rug cleaning with their very impressive rug cleaning and repair plant.

Brandon, the stone floor specialist at Art of Clean was using a machine that is a very aggressive cutting machine with a metal blade that almost cuts into the stone. He had to be extra careful with trying to only strip the sealing from this sandstone without destroying it.

Knowing this would be too aggressive, he tried another brush system with very fine bristles. However, this just cleaned the stone, not stripping the sealer. He wanted a solution that was suitable to strip and clean without the fear of destroying the floor and not removing the sealer.

That’s where the Diamabrush Grit brush came in. Going for a medium grit, not too coarse or too fine, Brandon was able to strip back to apply a fresh sealer without destroying it.

Brandon said, "The grit brush was recommended by Cameron at Ultimate Floor Care to strip back a sealed floor that looked to be a challenge for the machine and system that we usually use. With the right clutch plate, this fitted our Wirbel rotary machine that works on a slow speed giving me more time for accuracy. This product specifically works well with the Splashguards that are offered. Where I usually have slurry and water splashing this kept it at bay and, to be honest, the brush didn’t create much slurry.

Since using the brush compared to the machine, I have used in the past I will be using this more often. It was more user-friendly and made my life on-site a hell of a lot easier. On floors that have been thoroughly sealed, I feel that it cut through with ease. Clean-up was easy and less painful than usual. This has given me the confidence to be used more often. There is still a load of life left on the brush and I have used it on most of my stripper jobs since it has been recommended to me. It doesn’t scratch up the floors. When using it on a Wirbel machine it runs slow so more effective. We used it in conjunction with the Tile Master Stripper and sealer after."

We were grateful for Brandon to share his experience with us on this brush system. Click here for more information on what the Diamabrush system can offer and how it can save you time and Money.

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