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Ultimate Floorcare is the official distributor of Pallmann clean in the UK. Pallmann Clean is a water-based cleaning fluid for wood floors. This Pallmann cleaning product is suitable for both routine and thorough cleaning depending on the dilution levels chosen. Choose Pallmann Clean for the routine cleaning of the following surfaces:

- Sealed parquet or hardwood floors

- Oiled and waxed parquet or hardwood floors

- Oiled or sealed engineered boards

- Linoleum, PVC

- Natural and synthetic stone floors

Thorough Cleaning

Pallmann Clean is also suitable for the thorough cleaning of Pallmann oiled and waxed parquet or hardwood floors or oiled or sealed engineered boards.

Thorough (deep) cleaning:

Measuring*: 400 ml/10 litres of water up to undiluted.

*The mixing proportion depends on the level of contamination, from 400 ml/10 litres water, up to undiluted. The exact maintenance routine is shown in the care instructions for the MAGIC OIL 2K range.

Pack size: 0.75 litre, 10 litre, Case (18 x.75Litre)

5 Step Guide to Aftercare of Wood Floors

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