ADVANCED TRAINING COURSE (dates to be confirmed)

ADVANCED TRAINING COURSE (dates to be confirmed)

  • £350.00

Our Advanced Wood Floor Sanding and Repair Course has been designed for those who have been operating a sanding business for some time and who now want to move on to bigger and more complex jobs.

The curriculum is composed of topics that have been chosen by companies in exactly this position. Each topic has been slotted into one of three modules (listed below) each of which will have a dedicated trainer thus enabling us to cover more topics in greater depth.

At the end of the course an Ultimate Floor Care certificate will be awarded for each module completed by the attendee, subject to them having completed the entire module. There is an uncertificated bonus module on new Pallmann products at the end of the course for those wo wish to stay for it.

The module titles and topics are as follows:

Advanced staining techniques 

To include brushed oak finishing and colour contrasting using reactive background stains followed by Magic Oil Ergo tinted with Pall X 333 Colour Concentrate and use of the Colour Collection kit

Wood Floor Construction and Board Replacement and Problem Diagnosis 

Covering bonded floors, suspended / battened floors, use of Porta Nailer, board replacement for sports floors, parquet floors and engineered floors and use of moisture meters to diagnose problems.

Commercial Floor Sanding

To include site evaluation, pricing of commercial work, what commercial clients will expect (method statements, risk assessment, payment terms, retention etc.), working efficiently, Line Marking, Pallmann Spider including diamond blocks and rapid finishing method.

Bonus Module

Product Knowledge 

To include Eco Oil, Pall X Pure, Pall X Zero, Pall X350, fillers (Pall X Kitt, Pall X Filler, Allkitt, Knotec and 2 component resin filler.

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