• £4,837.50

Powerful belt sanding machine with endless abrasive belt.

Technical Data:

Power supply 230 V / 2,5 kW
Width of grinding 200 mm
Rotation speed 2.100 RPM
Abrasive belt dimensions 200 x 750 mm
Weight: 83,5 kg
Technical specifications:

abrasive belt for high sanding performance
grooved roller for additional sanding effect
soft raising for shoulder free sanding
effective dust section
sanding pressure is set with the roller control
detachable steering rod and motor for easy Transportation

1 x machine, 1 x dust bag, 1 x cable with plug and coupling, 1 x respirator, 1 x Multiclip, 1 x operating instructions, 1 x hexagon socket screw key 5 mm, 1 x hexagon socket screw key 6 mm, 1 x hexagon socket screw key 10 mm, 1 x running wheel adjusting tool, 1 x tool pouch, 1 x fork wrench 10 mm, 1 x fork wrench 13 mm, 1 x fork wrench 24 mm, 1 x double fork wrench 30/36 mm, 1 x hearing protectors

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