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Floor Sanding Training

Floor Sanding Training


Our sister brand The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company is the largest floor sanding brand in the UK and Ireland. Originally designed as a franchise (which itself was a spin off from a very successful floor sanding company  in the west of Ireland) Ultimate Floor Sanding has a comprehensive training manual and a wealth of knowledge unsurpassed in the industry. All this experience is made available to you in a 2 day training course which will open up a world of possibilities for you to expand your business.

Training is carried out in a purpose built training area in a facility in the UK midlands and consists of both theory and hands on training using the very latest machines finishes and techniques.

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9.00am start!

1) Brief introduction to your trainer over tea / coffee followed by outline and description of the machines we will be using plus some of the alternative options available and their merits/ disadvantages.

2) Description of the types of timber we are sanding and why they have been selected followed by an outline of the abrasives used and the different grits available.

3) Hands on training on the use of the belt sander and the edger followed by discussion on the use of and different types of, fillers.

4)  Training in the use of two types of field finishing sanders followed by use of  finishing edge sanders and extractor.

5) Discussion on the various types of sealers and their uses followed by application of sealers on to the newly sanded boards

6) Application of the first coat of water based finish and time permitting discussion on solvent based finishes, vocs etc ( this may not happen until the following day).


 9.00am start!

1) Inspection of what was achieved previous day discussion on grain raising followed by de-nibbing of floor ready for final coats

2) Application of second coat of finish, discussion on the importance of the correct applicator, followed by timber recognition and its importance.

3) Application of third coat of finish, discussion on merits of a 2 coat system and outline of how this can be achieved.

4) Discussion on alternative finishes and staining after which we inspect the finished floor then sand it off again in order to demonstrate oils and stains.

5) De-briefing and a chance to discuss anything regarding timber floor finishing further plus the opportunity to discuss marketing for those who wish to do so.

ALL delegates will get an opportunity for hands on use of the machines plus training in application techniques but these are your two days, ask any questions you like and  if there are any demonstrations you would like we will do our best to fit them in.

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Subject to certain terms and conditions, successful completion of the training course can lead to the granting of an Affiliate territory. For more information see the affiliate program page on the Ultimate Floor Sanding  Company website.